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Luftwaffe tropical blue web frog
M35 Heer single decal combat helmet with leather carrier rig
Waffen-SS oakleaf pattern drillich camouflage Panzer trousers
First model Waffen-SS helmet cover, polyspot pattern
M35 Heer two-tone sawdust textured camouflage combat helmet
USM1 helmet, 101st AB, 327th Glider Infantry Regiment, 1st Bn.
FG42 bandoleer in tan/water pattern camouflage
Pair of MP44 pouches
Kriegsmarine belt buckle, dated 1937
USM1 helmet, 101st AB, 506th PIR, 3rd Bn., Sgt. Fayez H. Handy
M35 double decal police camouflage helmet
M35 Heer three-tone brushed camouflage helmet
US D-Day Assault vest, « Tweedie »
Unissued German P08 pistol holster, « ffc 1941 »
First model Waffen-SS helmet cover, plane tree pattern
First model Waffen-SS helmet cover, plane tree pattern
Late-war Heer/Waffen-SS Y-straps
M42 German coastal artillery helmet, geometric camouflage pattern
Grouping of the German paratrooper « Gefreiter Karl Becker, II./Fsch.Jg.Rgt.2 »
Waffen-SS face veil, 1st model
M40 Luftwaffe paratrooper green step-in smock
Waffen-SS combat belt buckle, « RODO »
M42 Heer three-tone full basket camouflage chicken wire helmet
Early-war German paratrooper gas mask carrying bag, « AUER »
M35 Waffen-SS tan camouflage helmet
US M7 assault gas mask bag, camouflaged, 4th ID, Normandy
M42 sawdust two-tone camouflage helmet, « FJR6 »
Waffen-SS face veil, 1st model
German Pioneer shovel holder, dated 1943
M40 Luftwaffe single decal camouflaged helmet
German mess kit in two-tone camouflage
German paratrooper green camouflage clip-on helmet cover

All historical artifacts, offered by Lux Military Antiques, are intended for collectors, history buffs, museum historians. These artifacts must not be the subject of any political, ideological or racial tendencies, which were at the origin of the two bloodiest world conflicts.

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